A blessing for when it’s hard to give thanks

If the weight of the world 
presses down on your shoulders
and the never ending news cycle 
brings you to your knees
if neighbors crying out for help 
consume your heart
if someone is missing from your table
this blessing is for you. 

If you can’t find the words
or a smile is far from your lips
if the days are a blur 
feedings, diapers, and carpool lines
if you’re lonely, tired, and exhausted
and the to-do’s seem insurmountable
this blessing is for you. 

If you’re wading through appointments and paperwork
swimming amidst the unknown
when doubts creep in and tears flow
when patience is thin and anger rises
and gratitude is low on your list
this blessing is for you. 

May you see a sunrise
or the sticky fingers of your toddler
the smile and giggles of your baby
may you notice your kids’ artwork on the wall and pause
may you smell fresh coffee 
and receive homemade bread from a neighbor
may a friend text: I see you
and your teenager say: I love you, Mom.

Maybe, just maybe, then
you summon a word of thanks
because this blessing wants you to know —
you are not alone. 

On this Thanksgiving Day
remember, your story matters
the love you share ripples
not only through your home, but across the world
in this moment and on this day
remember you are safe, known, and loved.