No Small Thing (thoughts from the carpool line)

No Small Thing ---
To pull into the pick up line
a parade of cars and guardians
waiting on a glimpse of our child
to see them come through the door
looking and searching for the familiar
a smile of knowing
someone, their loved one, came back
and waits in delight to hear
news of stories, songs, books, and games
that filled the minutes we were apart
hours tethered by love
and the gift of knowing others
love our children.
Inspired by No Small Thing by Ellen Rowland in The Path to Kindness edited by James Crews. 
Find yourself in the carpool line? My debut book The Beauty of Motherhood: Grace-Filled Devotions for the Early Years makes a great companion for reading while you wait for that first glimpse of your child. We pray the short devotions bring a moment of grace to your days.