I am

I am
a daughter
to Craig
and Monica
like my father
I am a friend to strangers
like my mother
I am mesmerized by words and stories
I am
a mama
to Charlotte and Isaac
meal maker
I am
a wife
to Stephen
creating a home in Cole Camp
building a life on trust and hope
I am
a pastor
proclaiming grace
holding space
believing and doubting
I am
a friend
writing letters by hand
texting prayers of encouragement
I am
a writer
wrestling with words and stories
delighting in walking and listening
dreaming big
asking deep questions
I am
a light catcher
staring into the dark sky
searching for stars
reveling in sunrises and sunsets
witnessing the light dance on walls
I am
singing in the car
dancing in the living room
planting seeds wherever I can
I am
God’s child
called and claimed
known by name
I am.

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