Who - 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes

These days, I don't get dressed up too often. Between playing on the floor, driving here and there, and cleaning up after small children, putting on fine clothes becomes a luxury. Today, however, I did manage a shower before the kids were in bed and even blow-dryed my hair. I put on clothes without the worry of snot or sticky hands touching me. I even wore earrings without the fear of losing an ear to little fingers. Before I left the house I put on a suit coat over my shirt; a bright green coat from my working, pre-baby days. My daughter, Charlotte, sees me and runs to the laundry yelling, "pink, pink!" She's pointing to my coat and then her arms. She wants her pink sweater to wear, the one she's been wearing for days. The one just like my green coat. She wants to dress just like her mama.

Who is this girl who melts my heart in this moment of wanting to be just like her mama?

Getting ready in the bathroom no drawer is left untouched; nothing seems to be off limits for tiny hands in search of anything to grab. I get dressed and every drawer is being searched. Charlotte picks up my deodorant and pretends to put it on - just like her mama. She finds her daddy's floss and watches as I floss. She pretends to floss her teeth - just like her mama. She grabs a Q-tip and cleans her ears - just like her mama. She opens each jewelry box drawer and cheers in delight. She watches as I roll perfume on my wrists. She points and says, "wrist, mama!" I put a touch on her wrist and show her how to rub her wrists together.

Who is this girl who melts my heart in these moments of wanting to be just like her mama?

She's my daughter. I am her mama.

**All month I'll be participating in 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes. Each day I'll take some time (sometimes 5 minutes and sometimes a little more) to sit down and write. It's about the discipline of writing each day. It's about listening to the words from within. It's about letting creativity work in me. I'll share my writing at some point during the day on my blog. Thanks for reading.