Thank you, Cole Camp

There's something missing in the acknowledgements for The Beauty of Motherhood: the town of Cole Camp, Missouri.
You see, this book was written entirely here, in this specific place and specific time in my life. The pages are dripping with the gift of being known and loved in community. From my writing desk, I watched neighbors walking and kids playing at the park. While penning the devotions we celebrated festivals and holidays and spent afternoons at the pool. We enjoyed local stores and restaurants.
This place infused my writing and the people inspired me to share my words. And so it was fitting to launch my book here among friends and neighbors. Amidst the people who called me the local Cole Camp author and shared my book. Over food and drinks and shared stories, we gathered last Friday. I signed books and caught up with friends. I read from my book and knew exactly which devotions I'd read (ones that were directly influenced by the people and church here).
Living in a town of 1,000, where the roots run deep and families go back for generations, I can feel like an outsider. Yet moments like last weekend remind me that we are all connected and bound to one another. It's our stories that bring us together.
So dear Cole Camp, thank you for giving me this place and these people to call home.
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